Would you put your feet in a bucket of fried chicken? Crocs that look and smell like KFC Sold out in 2 hours!

In one of the most bizarre promotions seen recently, KFC teamed up with Crocs Footwear to create a limited edition KFC Croc!

They look like a bucket of fried chicken and SMELL of fried chicken

The shoes released last week, sold out in less than 2 hours at $60 a pair. KFC donate $3 from each sale towards the KFC Foundation’s employee scholarship fund.

Just in case you are wondering, the advert clearly states that the Fried Chicken smelling “Jibbitz” attached to the front of the Crocs ARE NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION

Their publicity page says:

A Truly Original Recipe®.

Do you love world famous fried chicken?
Do you love Crocs? Do you love brand
spokespersons like Colonel Sanders? Then,
boy, howdy, do we have something for you.

Put These On Your Bucket List.

Covered in a fried chicken print and a striped
base, these will make your dreams of wearing
a bucket of chicken finally come true.

Each pair of co-branded footwear comes with two Jibbitz™ charms made to resemble and smell like fried chicken. Not for human consumption.



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