Lennon was flying with a pal by Ryanair from Murcia in Spain to Dublin on New Year's Eve, 2019, Bristol Crown Court heard yesterday (July 31).

The plane was heading from Murcia, Spain to Dublin on New Year’s Eve last year.

Adam Lennon, 22 and from Dublin, Ireland, was so abusive the pilot had to land at Bristol airport.

The flight from Murcia to Dublin on New Year’s Eve was relatively peaceful said prosecutors to Bristol Crown Court this week.

However, Lennon became abusive after staff caught him and his friends drinking their own alcohol and playfighting in the seats and the aisle.

Lennon went on to tell a cabin crew member to ‘f*** off’.

The abuse got so bad that the pilot decided to divert to Bristol Airport where police were waiting for the Irish national.

The diversion also cost Ryanair £6000.

Prosecutor Mark Worsley said: ‘Police went on the plane and Mr Lennon presented his hands for handcuffs immediately. He was taken off the plane.

‘He was clearly drunk and slurring and had a half empty bottle of vodka between his knees.’

Lennon was interviewed the next day, said his companion bought the vodka and denied threatening to punch cabin crew.

Mr Worsley told the court: ‘He said his behaviour was unacceptable. It is clear others on board were worried about what happened.’

He added that authority states persons convicted of being drunk on an aircraft must expect a custodial sentence.

Lennon, 22, whose address was given as Baldoyle in Dublin, pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft.

The court heard he had not cooperated with his legal team, had absented himself, and was thought to be in either Ireland or Italy.

Judge Michael Longman concluded he was legally able to deal with and jail Lennon in his absence, and jailed him for four months.

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