Protestors block roads and bring Brixton to a halt for Afrikan Emancipation Day

Yesterday (Saturday) saw hundreds of people gather together in South London for Afrikan Emancipation Day and their aim was to cause as much disruption as possible.

Although the Police had put many restrictions into place ahead of the protest, a large group were still able to march along the A23 Brixton Road, bringing traffic to a standstill and making motorists turn around on their journeys.

One of the protesting groups, Extinction Rebellion, admitted to occupying the area to cause maximum disruption to people travelling and the Metropolitan Police who had tried to restrict their movements.

The event, now in it’s seventh year, saw people gather in Windrush Square to listen to music and speeches and observe a 3 minute silence to mark the event. Although the yearly event is seen as a nuisance by a small amount of locals, it is actually held to celebrate the Abolition of Slavery Act passed in 1833 according to organisers.

Antoinette Harrison, who was marching with her cousin and her cousins children said that she loved the “unity” that the event held. She said that her family and generations before her were tired of the racism and that it has to stop for future generations. Asked whether she was worried about being in the gathering with social distancing rules not adhered to she said that “this is a pandemic – racism and not having any justice”. The largely peaceful demonstration did however have restrictions stipulating that attendees must not spill out onto nearby roads and that the event had to finish by 8pm.

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