Proposal reviews to stop second lockdown in the UK

Amongst reviews being looked into by the British government in an attempt to avert a second blanket lockdown across the UK are proposals to ask the elderly and people that are deemed to be “high risk” to stay at home.

Boris Johnson is currently asking his officials to prepare measures that would ensure the economy is not put into lockdown for a second time. Options include “enhanced” shielding where vulnerable people are asked to stay at home, allowing the rest of the population to move around freely.

The enhanced group would then be given time slots to have exclusive access to shops and services. Other potential measures being looked into are enforcing a city wide lockdown of London if infections rates spike and harder “local lockdowns” for cities than those imposed recently, stopping people from different households mixing.

The Prime Minister has disclosed these measures soon after postponing the easing of lockdown measures planned for this weekend, heightening fears that the country could be in the early stages of a second wave of infections.

Officials from the Cabinet Offices COVID-19 unit are believed to have suggested the enhanced shielding as a possible alternative to a national lockdown.

Dr Maria Van Kerkhove who helps to lead the WHO’s pandemic response team has urged countries not to re-impose national lockdowns in an attempt to stem the flow of a second wave of the virus due to social, health and economic reasons.

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