Paul Scholes breaks lock down rules in Oldham to throw 7 hour party

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes threw a huge party for his son’s 21st birthday, despite further lockdown rules being imposed in Oldham, England.

He went and threw a party for his son Arron who was turning 21 and invited numerous people.

The outrage comes as people across the North West have been banned from gathering in other people’s homes or gardens, including Oldham which has introduced tighter lockdown restrictions due to covid outbreaks.

Images posted on Scholes’s daughter Alicia’s Instagram, show attendees disregarding social distancing as they danced and posed for pictures.

Camera phone footage showed Arron singing karaoke wearing a “Lockdown Live” slogan T-shirt and partygoers ignoring social distancing as they drank and danced.

One Instagram user commented under Alicia’s posts: ‘How is Arron having a party at your house when Oldham is in lockdown between 2 households?’

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen has since accused the ex-England midfielder of ‘reckless behaviour’.

He said: ‘You’d expect a much more responsible attitude from a role model who has worn an England shirt 66 times.

‘The people of Oldham are fully aware reckless behaviour like this has caused the return to lockdown.

‘While young people are less likely to suffer serious complications if they are infected, they may spread it to somebody for whom the consequences could be very severe.’

Some people who live near Scholes, 45, also accused him of ‘ignoring all the rules’, adding that the party was ‘madness’.

According to reports it started around 7pm and went on until 2.30am.

Paul Scholes hasn’t commented.

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