Crazy woman breaks womans leg in Staples Store in Hackensack over mask wearing issue

An argument in a Staples store in Hackensack, USA on Wednesday ended with the assaulted woman being admitted to hospital with a broken leg.

Margot Kagan, 54, from New Jersey told police that she had been in the store using a fax machine when a woman approached the machine next to her with a mask pulled down from her mouth and nose.

When she politely asked the lady to wear the mask in a proper manner the suspect became angry and yelled at Kagan, throwing her violently to the floor and left the store.

Kagan was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with a fractured left tibia. She had undergone a liver transplant 4 months earlier and was walking with a cane. She had not, as of Friday, made a comment on the incident. Police are hoping to identify the suspect soon.

Spokespeople for the Staples store did not automatically respond to calls and emails asking them for a comment on the incident. Governor Phil Murphy has stated after the incident that it is mandatory for all residents to wear facemasks in all stores.

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