6 police officers on Costa del Sol made to quarantine after they arrest man carrying Covid-19

Malaga City, Spain – The officers arrested a man for attacking his younger sister who is only 12.

They were called to a house in the city on Thursday morning after reports of the older brother biting his younger sister on the head.

He was arrested and taken into Malaga Policia custody but started to show signs of carrying coronavirus.

He was tested and found to be carrying the virus which led to the 6 officers who were apart of the main apprehension as well as processing at the station to be quarantined for 14 days at home.

The city’s Councilor for Citizen Security said that police and emergency services had ‘prepared for this scenario’ and the personnel were swiftly isolated adhering to social distancing measures.

No reports have come out about the detained man’s charges or his health as of yet.

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