UK police were TOLD TO KNEEL by bosses during BLM protests so they would not be targeted

The revelation comes after images show police in the UK during last month’s BLM protests kneeling for protesters.

Hertfordshire Constabulary says those who don’t kneel at rallies “may become the focus of the protesters’ attention”.

And top bosses told the officers to kneel stating  that when officers kneel – a symbolic stance of the Black Lives Matter movement – it has a “positive reaction on the protest groups”.

A document on the advice read: “Officers are to be mindful that this is optional and those who do not do so may become the focus of protesters’ attention.

“This has a very positive and engaging effect and when taken by officers, has a positive reaction on the protest groups.”

And an image taken during a BLM protest in Hertfordshire shows police kneel after being barked at by protesters, with some of their colleagues looking on in belief and one even smirking.

And the force’s directive on taking the knee has angered some, and a senior detective labelled it “absurd”.

The detective told a news source: “Will officers be expected to make similarly appeasing gestures at political events – far-right protests, for instance?”

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett is among the politicians who have warned that the action risks drawing police into politics.

He said: “I am concerned that the gesture of kneeling, though prompted by the best instincts, might give the perception of undermining the role of the police in such situations.

“They are there to ensure a safe demonstration, not to make political statements.”

Hertfordshire police officials said: “Officers working at events involving the Black Lives Matters movement are free to demonstrate their personal support by ‘taking the knee’ should they wish.

“The force has not sought to either encourage or discourage this action, which remains a personal choice.”

People across the world have been encouraged to ‘take the knee’ as part of a Stand Up To Racism campaign.

Even though the BLM movement has petered out in the UK, protests which have been violent continue to rage in America.

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