SHARK attack victim goes to hospital writhing in pain

A shark attack victim despite agonising injuries is flown to the hospital and still manages to keep his spirits up by singing ” shark do do do do

Phil Mummert was bitten by a shark at Bunker Bay in Western Australia today that took large chunks out of his leg.

As the great white shark around 4 metres long starting attacking Phil, heroic strangers who were surfing in the same waters swam towards the killer shark and saved the victim from near-certain death, before dragging him to shore.

His partner at the scene of the attack is now appealing from the strangers to come forward who saved Phil’s life.

She posted onto Social media how she wishes the hero’s who saved Phil’s life as well as all his limbs as she said in her own words:

“Just want to let everyone know that Phil is doing okay! He was bitten by a shark at Bunker Bay this afternoon and got a few chunks taken out of his leg  🦈! I honestly don’t know how a person can see a total stranger getting attacked by a 4m great white shark and swim TOWARDS to save him so we are beyond grateful to everyone that helped save Phil’s life 💙! So lucky that Phil got away with his life and limbs and beyond lucky that we live in such a kind and caring community. If you or anyone you know were one of the guys that helped out today please send me your contact details! So thankful for everyone who carried him to shore and for the ones that held his leg together for half an hour while waiting for the ambulance. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts ♥️ thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏽We’ve been flown to the hospital and just waiting for him to get stitched up. Phil’s doing great and singing shark do do do do do do🦈”

Brave Phil was treated at the scene by emergency services after the surfers held his wounds together with their bare hands to suppress the bleeds and reduce the loss of bleeding from the gaping wounds, before the arrival of an air ambulance to lift him to hospital.
Emergency services get to work on “lucky Phil”

The size of the shark’s mouth was demonstrated by the bite out of Phil’s surfboard where the shark had lunged and missed whilst attacking the surfer.

Big Bite!

Although Phil suffered severe bites and wounds as the white shark tore into his legs before the heroic surfers pulled him to safety.

Phil is now resting up in the hospital and still singing along as he’s stitched up.

Nasty wounds


If you were one of the strangers who came to the rescue -Phil would like to hear from you to say thank you and possibly sing you a song, he can be found on Facebook or you can contact him through us Global247news and we shall put you in touch.

Phil see’s the bright side

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