Boris Johnson has held a live press conference this afternoon regards to coronavirus.

Boris has said European countries are “struggling to keep it under control”, adding the UK can’t “fool ourselves” it will be affected too.

He added that he’s warned the virus “could come back” and he wouldn’t hesitate to take “swift” action as required.

He continued by saying  the UK’s in a “far better position” to control the virus than in March because the government knows more about it, the testing capacity is increased and the contact tracing system is “up and running”.

“I won’t stand by and let this virus threaten to cause more pain in our country.” said the Prime Minister.

In the conference he announced Legal requirement to wear masks has been extended. The need to wear a face covering will be extended to galleries, cinemas and places of worship. This will become enforceable in law from 8 August.  However Social contact rules are not being changed nationally. Johnson also warned  “Unless people follow the rules and behave safely we may need to go further,”.

Casinos, bowling alleys and skating rinks continue be effected as the Prime Minister that the opening is being postponed for another two weeks.

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