$4000 fine for attempted Queensland border crossing

Whilst attempting to cross the Queensland border, a 25 year old woman tried to give false information about her whereabouts

Queensland border patrol officers became suspicious when the woman’s story started to change under questioning. Although she had a Queensland border declaration pass stating they had not visited a known hot spot, she then admitted that she had been to Campbelltown and the main in Fairfield.

A man traveling with the lady, was discovered to be wanted for criminal offenses in New South Wales and was arrested.

The lady received the $4000 fine and was turned away from the border.

Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said “If you are coming into Queensland, even with a valid border declaration pass, you stand a very good chance of being intercepted and questioned by police, We make no apologies for our vigilance and scrutiny as this is about keeping Queensland safe from the threat of COVID-19.”

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