Spain had the highest peak of Coronavirus deaths whilst England had the highest rate of deaths in Europe

England had the highest levels of excess deaths of any country in Europe over the first half of 2020, the Office of National Statistics has reported whilst Spain had the highest peak rate

The ONS report said: “While England did not have the highest peak mortality, it did have the longest continuous period of excess mortality of any country compared, resulting in England having the highest levels of excess mortality in Europe for the period as a whole.”

Expats in Spain commented today on the revelations of the released figures and how they feel Prime Minister Boris Johnson got it all wrong.

Annis Abraham based in Spain’s Mallorca has been a large vocalist of the handling of the pandemic by Britain, compared to Spain.

Businessman in Spain DISGUSTED With British Media's Portrayal Of Mallorca
Abraham in Mallorca Called it Right

“Spain got caught on the hop but reacted quickly with strict regulations during the State Of Emergency and a hard lockdown although Boris Johnson saw what was happening, he didn’t react quickly enough or harder enough, these figures clearly demonstrate that I rest my case about everything I have said in the past on my website 

“Yes I have been vocal, but this proves I was correct in everything that I said, Johnson and his cronies had plenty of warning”

“There could have been far fewer deaths if Johnson hadn’t bungled it,” he said. “I called it right”

Meanwhile, Adam Brown living in Spain’s Marbella, who recently withdrew his support of Boris Johnson when he said:

“It is a disgraceful decision by the UK Government to place quarantine laws for anyone travelling back from Spain as Spain have made huge moves to keep on top of it. The reasoning is absolute bollox and let’s just look at some facts.
Firstly Catalonia which by the way is around 8 hours by car from the Costa Del Sol, the Independent-led Catalan government got worried about their businesses and raised the shutdown much earlier than the rest of Spain.
Then the other small remote areas which have been placed on shutdown are hundreds if not thousands of Kms from the holiday resorts it would be like shutting Bournemouth down because of an issue in Aberdeen!
Then you have the islands which many are completely Co-vid free!
Unfortunately many including my own family and friends may now struggle to have their pre-booked holidays over here and the businesses here desperately need tourism.
I don’t care what anyone says, I believed the worry about Co-vid 19 for a very long time, even supported the strong Spanish shut down for 3 months but this move is just politicising Co-vid 19 and it’s becoming more and more visible to the general public. Shame on you British Government for doing this and I am a FORMER Boris supporter!
Deaths of Co-vid 19 in the last five days: UK: 426 Spain: 12″
Today Brown commented, “Annis Abraham called it right on his forum all the way through, he was right on every occasion, the figures now prove this and speak for themselves – Britain got it wrong and will continue to do so, it’s far too lax and they are spiking again.”




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