Scott Parker Fears A Welsh Backlash As Fulham Strive For The Premiership

Fulham Manager Scott Parker fears a welsh backlash tonight from Cardiff City as they strive for the Premiership

Scott Parker is in fear of a Welsh backlash tonight as they play Cardiff City in the second leg of the EFL play-off semi-final.

As previously boasting Swansea City got totally rolled over last night by Brentford, after leading the first leg 1-0 and blowing their premiership chances by losing 3-1 to the delight of Cardiff City supporters in the other half of South Wales, Cardiff City tonight still have a chance.

That chance worries superstitious Parker who said: ” We may be 2 up but anything could happen, I’ve told my players that, and I will remind them of that again tonight, Cardiff City will come at us all guns blazing for sure, an early goal for them would change the game, we have to ensure that doesn’t happen”

” Thankfully tonight, the game as we know is behind closed doors – those Cardiff Fans really can drive their team on, but their players will still be at full force, they are a dangerous side to play, especially as they will want to put one over Swansea after last night,” said Parker.

The rivalry between Swansea and Cardiff is immense at any time and the dream of beating Swansea in the play-off final at Wembley may have gone, although a second leg win tonight will send City fans crazy as they stick one over their rivals by making the final.

Loyal City fan, Gareth Hughes, feels Swansea got all they deserved last night as he stated on social media: “Football is a beautiful game!!! – so happy to see that lot lose”

Loyal City Fan And Swansea Hater Gareth Hughes

In another post, the former school headmaster even went as far as citing Swansea “cheats” as he said: ” They are a cheating club, karma took place tonight, they even cheated during the furlough”

Thousands of Cardiff City fans will be glued to their TV’s tonight willing their team on around the globe to not only see if they can overturn Fulham in the second leg but once again establish the bragging rights of Wales by reaching Wembley yet again.

Global247news prediction for the big match tonight is a 0-2 win at full time, going to penalties and Cardiff going to the final, what’s the odds?





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