Friday evacuation of Spain's Mallorca & Ibiza by Jet 2 & TUI holidays starts tomorrow

Spain’s Mallorca & Ibiza will be evacuated tomorrow by holiday companies Jet 2 and TUI collecting ALL current holidaymakers

The two major holiday companies have arranged fleets of empty passenger planes to fly to the Islands tomorrow to collect every person currently on holiday evacuating the Island.

All holidaymakers have been advised of the fleets arrival, cutting thousands of holidays short for customers.

Whilst the Islands appear safe from COVID-19, due to the British goverment deeming Spain unsafe, holidaymakers holiday insurance is invalid forcing the holiday companies to send in jets to collect everyone booked on a holiday.

TUI trial to Spain's Mallorca & Ibiza deemed a success but locals prepare to ban the British
Coaches lined up ready to bus out to airports as evacuation starts tomorrow

Annis Abraham, based in Santa Ponsa, told this afternoon the chaos taking place in Mallorca:

“There’s alot of fed up people here right now, understandably they are not happy at all, some have only been here less than a week”

“They have all been informed and are busy packing up with flights out fom tomorrow morning as the holiday companies are drafting in a fleet of aircraft to collect them all up – many just can’t understand it, blaming Boris Johnson”

” The stupid thing is the Island is perfectly safe, probably one of the safest places on earth righ now – I was speaking to a couple of Jet 2 reps this afternoon and they said its chaos arranging the evacuation today, the flights will be staggered throughout tomorrow and by midnight all holidaymakers from the two companies will be off the island”

Although it appears some holidaymakers are taking the chance and finding alternative flights and defying the evacuation.

Abraham explained: ” Easy Jet and Ryanair are still flying, many are coming into my office today to use the computers and attempt to find alternative flights, a few have and are refusing to go back tomorrow”

” Summers over here in the main though, this latest action could bankrupt Mallorca’s businesses now if not the whole Island and its a bleak future ahead for many” said the Cardiff businesman.

Cardiff Businessman on Mallorca Beach With His Daughters
Annis informs of Mallorca evacuation plans


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