BBC News Faces Backlash After Presenter Uses N-Word During News Report

BBC News has faced severe backlash after a journalist used a racial slur during a news report. 

In a recent segment, the presenter was discussing a racial attack on a black NHS worker.

She said: ‘Just to warn you, you’re about to hear highly offensive language,’ she could be heard saying in a voiceover. ‘Because as the men ran away, they hurled racial abuse, calling him a “n*****”.’

Soon after the clip was shown on TV, it caused people to react via social media. Many users on Twitter were outraged and questioned why the presenter could not refer to the racial slur, rather than directly use it.

Meanwhile, other uses were calling for the broadcaster to issue and apology.

Marvyn Harrison, founder of Dope Black Dads, penned: ‘Dear @BBCNews can you commit to NEVER airing the N word again EVER on air or print?

‘Disgusting @bbcnews. There is literally NO NEED whatsoever to say the N word. This was a choice and you chose wrong,’ a Twitter user agreed.

BBC News is no longer using that edit of the clip, but are continuing to follow the story.

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