"Gissajob" strikes On Spain's Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca as expats start returning home in high numbers

Expats on Spain’s coasts of the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca are returning home in their thousands as work dries up with a very bleak future ahead

The United Kingdom’s latest regulations that have stifled further the tourism industry in Spain and basically killed it off for 2020 season, is forcing thousands of ex-pat Brits to return home to sign on for unemployment benefit and the exodus has begun.

The dream of living and working in Spain is over as the hospitality sector doesn’t require staff, whilst also other industries too suffer the fallout and with millions of unemployed now in Spain, the chances of employment for a Brit are virtually zero.

The forecasts look even bleaker for the future with hundreds of ex-pat businesses set to close if they haven’t already.

” If you are thinking of heading to Spain, don’t bother unless you have a big fat pension or are loaded, there’s no work here anymore,” David Jenson told Global247news.

Jenson told us about the employment situation currently for ex-pats:

“I’m a chef, highly rated too but work is impossible to find, I normally work in the hotel sector, mainly in the Marbella region, but if there are availabilities, the Spanish seem to be getting the jobs, more are travelling to the coast seeking work from the likes of Madrid, hey you can’t blame them, they need work too”

” I’ve tried restaurants but they are not just getting the customers to need more than one chef, there’s no such thing as a split shift anymore either as opening hours are restricted, this time of year the area would see bars and restaurants brimming with customers  but there just aren’t any”

“I know of staff at present working for nothing to support bar owners, just surviving off the tips and money sent over from the UK”

“People don’t realise how bad it is here, everyone thought it would return after the pandemic but it hasn’t and it’s set to get far worse, those working for nothing did so waiting for the good times again, but it doesn’t look like they are coming until next year at the least or maybe possibly longer”

” I’m flying home Friday and will sign on for unemployment benefit on my return, it’s all I can do”  ” Its the same for hundreds of others too, we are in the same boat, there just is no work at all” he finished.

The situation does look very bleak as unemployment figures soar in Spain and it doesn’t look like there’s much room for Brit’s, those who were lucky and able to be placed on the Erte, Spain’s version of being furloughed, are now getting concerned as it nears finishing in just over 6 weeks unless it’s extended.

The British ex-pat numbers residing in Spain have been dwindling as it is, with no work they are set to drop even further in higher numbers as thousands are already upping sticks and heading home to Blighty.

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