Ghislaine Maxwell tries last ditch effort to stop the unsealing of 'bombshell' documents

Ghislaine Maxwell filed a last-minute attempt to stop the unsealing of bombshell court documents that could have exposed ‘invasive’ details about her sex life after they were ordered to be released.

The files stem from Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s defamation suit against Maxwell in 2015.

The 58-year-old socialite’s legal team filed a letter on Wednesday to New York judge Alison Nathan requesting to block the release of Maxwell’s deposition from a civil defamation case against Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Maxwell’s lawyers argued the depositions were under protective order and federal prosecutors in her sex trafficking ring case wrongfully used the documents to form her perjury charge.

And according to a former friend Ghilsaine Maxwell ‘has tapes of two prominent US politicians having sex with minors’ and boasted of ‘owning’ powerful people.

Maxwell has demanded that any nude images or videos of her be labelled as ‘Highly confidential’ so that they aren’t leaked.

‘We know that the FBI got hundreds of photos a year ago, but what about the recordings, what about the videos? We know that Epstein did record a lot,’ said prosecutor on the case Lisa Bloom.

The upcoming release of the unsealed documents could include details about Maxwell’s sex life that her lawyers have previously tried to stop from being released, relating to a seven-hour, 418-page deposition Maxwell gave, which her legal team said was ‘extremely personal, confidential’.

They will also include communications between Maxwell and Epstein from January 2015 when Roberts made explosive allegations about them in court papers.

In the papers Roberts claimed she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew three times when she was just 17 at Epstein’s command.

The case ruled on last Thursday was originally brought by Roberts, now a 36-year-old mother-of-three who lives in Australia and goes by her married name Virginia Giuffre.


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