Woman dies after shark attack in Maine near Bailey Island, northeast of Portland for the first time in 200 years

A woman has died after a shark attack in Maine whilst swimming

A yet to be identified woman was swimming in the sea near Bailey Island with another person, when the maneater shark spotted his human prey and attacked the woman swimmer viciously, despite kayakers bringing her badly eaten corpse to shore she was announced dead at the scene.

Shark researchers are stating its the first unprovoked attack in the state for over 200 years.

Shark attacks are extremely rare in the North East but on this occasion the shark became furious and eyewitnesses say how they saw the woman attacked and flung about both in the air and water as the killer shark attacked.

New York State and Massachusetts have only ever logged 18 shark attacks between them, according to the shark attack database, whilst Florida holds a far higher rate at 852 holding the largest number for the globe.

According to authorities, the second swimmer was also attacked after the woman was quickly killed by the shark but suffered serious life-threatening injuries and is currently in intensive care.

Bailey Island

The attacks took place on Monday at the normal peaceful setting of Bailey Island and shark expert William Browne told Global247news he believes it was a stray great white shark:

” The northeast is not where you would find the killer sharks, this is a very rare occurrence, I believe the shark was a rogue great white and possibly distressed  being out of location and strange waters”

“Water temperatures are up to higher levels right now and that may have led the shark to Bailey Island”



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