Spanish Tourist Board call for the director of health emergencies Fernando Simon to resign

Tourism leaders have called for the sacking of the director of health emergencies Fernando Simon after he ‘welcomed’ the quarantine regulation on travellers returning to the UK.
The Spanish Tourist Board, which represents hundreds of business-people in the hospitality sector, are furious after Simon said yesterday that it is better that tourists from the United Kingdom do not come to Spain as it ‘lowers the risk for us.’
Simon, who has become somewhat of a recognised face of Spain’s battle against COVID-19, reiterated the point in regards to the UK.
“From a health point of view, these decisions help us, and it removes a level of risk,” Simon stated.
Despite also recognising that it is bad news for the tourism sector, his comments have left the industry and others furious.
The Tourism Board accused Simon of ‘celebrating the ruin of the tourism sector’, which accounts for almost 18% of the country’s GDP and 13% of employment.
“The words spoken by the director of the Coordination Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies yesterday stating that he is grateful to the countries that have decided not to bring tourists to Spain have deeply outraged the Tourism Board,” it said in a statement.
Simon is still recovering from a public outcry when just 2 weeks ago after being snapped, unmasked in Portugal with a surfboard he announced “I didn’t think people would recognise me here” after he advised his fellow countrymen not to travel or cross borders.
Caught on camera in Portugal
As well as upsetting the tourist board with his claims, who now want him to quit his role, he’s also upset thousands across Spain with all his recent actions and comments, Benidorm citizen Kevin Davies told Global247news: ” This bloke should be sacked, never mind resign, he’s a full-blown hypocrite”

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