Breaking UK Quarantine Rules Back From Spain's Costa del Sol Is A Walk In The Park Says Expat

Taking no notice of the UK’s quarantine laws ex-pat on Spain’s Costa del Sol says is a “Walk in the park”

Expat Edward Thompson, who resides in Torreblanca on Spain’s Costa del Sol but travels back to the UK to check on his business interests, says flying back to the UK and ignoring the quarantine rules is easy to take no notice of.

Thompson, who flew back to Newcastle airport on Sunday evening has told Global247news how he’s simply ignored quarantine laws set by the UK that have devastated holidaymakers.

Thompson said: All I’ve done is fill out some forms on arrival at Newcastle, nothing else, nobody has checked up on me at all”

“I’ve been down the supermarket to top up on supplies, been out for walks around the City and even been to the pub for a pint, on Monday night, Tuesday I went to my offices, completed what I needed to attend to and then went out for dinner”

“Nobody has checked up on me at all, it’s quite farcical – I don’t think they have the resources, I read somewhere that out of the whole of the UK only one person has been caught and fined out of all the thousands flying back from Spain”

” Let’s be honest, the risk of bringing the virus back from Spain from the Costa del Sol is virtually zero”

” My advice, if you can get a flight, take your holiday and don’t be concerned about the UK quarantine on return, it’s a walk in the park beating the silly law” Thompson finalized.

The Spanish Prime Minister is today in talks with the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the latest regulations but it appears according to ex-pat Edward Thompson, despite the regulation being in place, it’s easily avoidable.


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