Video: Liberal Australian MP Nicolle Flint dons a Bin Bag Dress to defend women's expected appearance critisisms

Liberal MP Nicolle Flint lashes out with a Twitter video to defend women in politics and the expectations imposed upon them.

After having to endure male stalkers and her campaign office being daubed with “Prostitute” and “Skank” Nicolle tweets the following video to her followers.


Mike Carlton is criticized for Tweeting during a Question and Answer session “Singer Jimmy Barnes had shown great restraint by not leaping from his seat and strangling her”

However her strongest attack is on Peter Goers, an ABC Radio presenter who commented on “her pearl earrings and a pearly smile and vast wardrobe of blazers, coats and tight, black, ankle-freezing trousers and stiletto heels. Also criticizing the use of glossy publicity used by politicians at taxpayers expense”.

In the video, Nicolle wears the same outfit condemned by Mr Goers and ends the video with “What should a woman in politics wear? How about a garbage bag to match your rubbish views”

Labor’s Anika Wells responded with “I’m with Nicolle Flint. The standards expected of women politicians are garbage “

Almost immediately, her post drew praise from female politicians across the aisle, including Labor’s Anika Wells who tweeted “I’m with Nicolle Flint. The standards expected of women politicians are garbage. Be authentic but appeal widely. Be charming but don’t try too hard. Confident, but modest ya know?

Additionally Labor MP, Madeline King responded with  “I stand with Nicolle Flint,”saying the kind of sexist rubbish she had copped belong in the bin”

This is not the first issue of this type to hit Government in Australia. Julia Gillard Australia’s first female PM received constant abuse about her clothing choices and life choices.

Alan Jones, a right-wing commentator, suggested “putting Ms Gillard into a chaff bag and throwing her out to sea and after the death of her father, claimed he had died of shame. Mr Jones also appeared at anti-carbon tax rallies at Parliament House where protesters held up placards which read “Ditch the Witch” and “Bob Brown’s bitch”


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