Killer of PC Harper brags in letter 'I'll be out one day' and prison is 'boring'

The revelations come in a letter sent home from prison by one of the killers, Albert Bowers.

Bowers, 18, along with 19-year-old Henry Long and Jessie Cole, also 18, were charged with the murder of PC Andrew Harper but were found not guilty last week.

They were instead found guilty of manslaughter which carries a much lesser sentence and were pictured laughing and smiling at photographers on the way out of court.

In a semi-literate letter sent home to his mother on her birthday obtained by a source, Bowers said: “Mum I know it ain’t a birthday card but I had to send you…

“I know it probley wont the best birthday but I’ll be out one day and we will have a better day wont we.

“Hope you had the best day you could of had.

“I pot two golf piks in that I done while I’ve been sat in me room bored. Love you mum xxxx.”

And in a card addressed to his sister, he whinged: “I wish I was out with ya.”

PC Harper’s widow wept when their ‘not guilty’ verdict was given as the trio hugged in the dock and their families rallied and shouted in delight.

Speaking outside the Old Bailey, she told reporters: “I honestly thought I would be addressing you after a very different verdict.

“I had planned to talk of the beautiful future Andrew and I had before us, I expected my words to be so very different and in all honesty I am for the second time in the space of one year utterly shocked and appalled.

“The decisions made in the these courts by strangers will never change the outcome that had already come to pass. For many, many agonising months we have hoped that justice would come in some way for Andrew.

“We have put our faith in the justice system and all who work within it.”We have waited with baited breath and heavy hearts as the dedicated prosecution barristers and investigation team of Thames Valley Police officers have worked tirelessly and who we thank sincerely for all they have done, as they stood in our corner and fought to make sure these men were made to repent for their barbaric crimes.

“No verdict or sentence will ever bring my incredible, selfless and heroic husband back.”

Driver Long, had already admitted to manslaughter.

All three are due to be sentenced.


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