Expat Bar Owners vent their frustration in Spain's Benidorm but vow to fight on with British bulldog spirit

Owners of The Corner Bar on Spain’s Costa Blanca in Benidorm vent their frustration in regards the British governments latest regulations but vow to fight on despite the setbacks

In the highly popular holiday town of Benidorm, on Spain’s Costa Blanca, sits an iconic bar known as The Corner Bar.

The bar due to its unique position on the corner, fantastic food and a wide variety of drinks, is one of the most popular bars for British holidaymakers and their families.

Although the shock of the announcement from the British government has come as devastating news to all bar owners across Spain, as the country was removed from the “safe list”

Bar owners especially, who are dependent on British tourism, are still trying to get their heads around what most regard as an appalling decision by the government as they “blackball” the likes of Benidorm  despite it being one of the safest towns in Europe right now with near enough no COVID issues as we reported yesterday 

The owners of  The Corner Bar, clearly whilst very disappointed, will not be beaten though and have come out in true British Bar spirit despite the British governments attempt to savage their year.

The owners took to Social media to display the fighting spirit and made a statement saying:

“As a British business in Spain, we are devastated by yesterday’s news. We genuinely did not see the UK governments decision coming. Just literally 4 days ago Scotland told everyone it was now safe to come to Spain, now it’s not according to them. We know what this will mean for the summer season here but we are also now very concerned about the consumer confidence of Brits looking at booking holidays to Spain at all in the near future. Once again like last time the news came with so little notice for tourists and businesses alike. We only on Friday employed another member of staff taking us up to 6, plus us, all relying on a wage from our business. We also fully restocked the bar and kitchen as day by day things were improving in our area. There will be many, many thousands of people in Benidorm alone now who were hoping to be back in work in the near future who’s hopes have now been dashed with no idea what comes next.

On Friday there were 123 reported deaths in the UK, 3 in Spain, if anything we thought the decision would be the other way round. (Brits quarantine when arriving here).
Spain is a huge place, and in our area, as we’ve been saying in recent weeks, things are very much back to normal. Clearly, there are rises in numbers in certain places, (all seemingly at the moment very far from Benidorm), and of course, the main thing from all this is that Spain keeps this spike under control, limiting the number of infections and more importantly deaths. (Of which there has been 10 in the last 7 days in comparison with hundreds in the UK).
Benidorm was just starting to breathe again, there really was life back in the streets. Even last night, that Saturday night vibe felt like it was back and the streets were busy. Benidorm will come back from this, it’s just going to take longer than we thought.
We will carry on @ The Corner Bar💪🏻
We are determined that this coronavirus will not beat us and we must try and stay positive, albeit this is obviously becoming more difficult as each news headline comes out.
We continue to serve our Full Menu, All Day every day 9 am-9 pm and hope that this is just a blip on the long road back to recovery.
The Corner Bar Benidorm🌴”
Locals in Benidorm were delighted with the statement released on its positivity and stating the actual facts of the situation in the holiday town.
Kevin Davies, himself a bar owner said: “That’s the spirit, what a great statement, the only way is one step back and two steps forward”
Patsy Tucker, a regular at The Corner Bar  said: ” That’s what we like to see good old British bulldog fighting spirit and it’s come from the best bar in Benidorm, I wish them well despite all the setbacks they are facing at the present times due to idiotic decisions back home by politicians who have clearly not got a clue”
“This is Benidorm, we will not take this lying down, I can assure you that” stormed Margret Gooch an ex-pat resident in Benidorm for 12 years, who further went on to say ” After that statement, I will be going to the Corner Bar every day – and I don’t even drink!”
Times are already tough in many holiday resorts in Spain, the announcement on Saturday seems to only have rallied up ex-pats in Spain rather than be defeatest, “Going to Benidorm? – get down The Corner Bar and show your support” finalised Tommy Watson “After that statement, they deserve it as they spoke well for us all”


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