Costa del Sol News: Ex UKIP party member Adam Brown based in Marbella withdraws his support for Boris Johnson

A former UKIP party member has withdrawn his support for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson over Spain being removed from the safe country list

Adam Brown a former UKIP party member announced today from his Marbella home how he’s withdrawn his support for Boris Johnson.

Brown is furious over the UK governments decision, as he published today his thoughts on social media:

“It is a disgraceful decision by the UK Government to place quarantine laws for anyone travelling back from Spain as Spain have made huge moves to keep on top of it. The reasoning is absolute bollox and let’s just look at some facts.

Firstly Catalonia which by the way is around 8 hours by car from the Costa Del Sol, the Independent-led Catalan government got worried about their businesses and raised the shutdown much earlier than the rest of Spain.
Then the other small remote areas which have been placed on shutdown are hundreds if not thousands of Kms from the holiday resorts it would be like shutting Bournemouth down because of an issue in Aberdeen!
Then you have the islands which many are completely Co-vid free!
Unfortunately many including my own family and friends may now struggle to have their pre-booked holidays over here and the businesses here desperately need tourism.
I don’t care what anyone says, I believed the worry about Co-vid 19 for a very long time, even supported the strong Spanish shut down for 3 months but this move is just politicising Co-vid 19 and it’s becoming more and more visible to the general public. Shame on you British Government for doing this and I am a FORMER Boris supporter!
Deaths of Co-vid 19 in the last five days:
UK: 426
Spain: 12″
Brown joining the UKIP party in 2010
Brown who is never far away from controversy  joined the UKIP party in 2010 and was fired a couple of months later, although has a mass of political supporters who thrive off his often controversial viewpoints across Europe on the internet.
Known to many as the man who “shoots from the lisp” due to his speech impediment, now seems to have been upset by the British Prime Minister of whom he claims was a supporter.
Although on this occasion supporters seem to be well behind his latest views in their droves, as he was backed up by hundreds of complimentary replies and support even Megan Thomas who said:
“I was a big Brown supporter, especially when he exposed the Council for their rental shame, it cost him his position at the time of councillor, he saved people thousands though as the council had to repay tenants, but my support wained as he demonstrated for the UK to leave the EU before departing to live in Spain himself – although this seems one  of his more  sensible comments of late”

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