Spain's police on the Costa del Sol beer mat patrols lead to 200 euro fines

Beer mat patrols have been set up by the Spanish police and bar owners are getting fined 200 euros along the Costa del Sol

Along Spain’s Costa del Sol, police have now set up beer mat patrols and on the first day fined bar owners 200 euros for not using fresh beer mats.

Several bars in Fuengirola port were caught out by the police for not refreshing beer mats with served pints.

Apparently according to the police pints of beer – need to be served with a fresh, new beer mat and if bar owners use recycled beer mats they will be fined on the spot. The regulation and fine are for the protection against the Coronavirus, although many bar owners can’t understand it.

One fined bar owner yesterday, on Fuengirola’s port, told Global247news how he got fined:

” I had a few customers in watching the cricket before I knew it the police entered the bar and picked up beer mats from a customers table, they held them up, told me they were not new ones and fined me 200 euros. I’ve never heard of such a crazy ruling, the beer mats were fresh ones unpacked in the morning and had only been used for a few hours but the police weren’t having it and fined me – how on earth can you tell the age of a bloody beer mat?”

“It wasn’t just me who was targeted either a bar along the front got caught out as well, he got a double whammy as they had him for not wearing a face mask properly as well”

“We have a WhatsApp chat group between us, it was designed to warn each other of disturbing parties, rather like “pub watch” at home, but now it’s becoming like “police watch” instead, as soon as I was fined I put the experience in the group and all bar owners went on alert”

“Several replied they had experienced the same with a couple also getting fined, there is no way the police can come in and tell the age of a beer mat, they must have plain-clothed spotters tipping them off”

Mark Sutherland, of the Luna bar on the seafront in nearby Los Boliches last night confirmed the fines:

“I got the message in our WhatsApp group, others were fined sadly but they gave us a good warning, now I’m serving a fresh beer mat with every pint and taking no risks, trades quietly coming back thankfully but the last thing needed is more fines.”

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