Spain's Benidorm Costa Blanca In SHOCK as UK expats say its the safest place in Europe

UK ex-pats who have decided to reside and run businesses in Spain’s Benidorm on the Costa Blanca are in shock this morning as they claim Benidorm is the safest town in Europe

UK ex-pats are in shock this morning after last nights revelations that the UK government have thrown Spain off the safe list.

Coming off the safe list, means that anyone traveling back from Spain to the UK has to enter quarantine for 14 days on return, which could potentially cripple the famous holiday resort financially.

Thousands upon thousands in the UK are aborting their plans to visit the famous holiday hot spot as the government regulations came into play at short notice at midnight.

Social media is awash with comments from holidaymakers furious with the British government as well as severely disappointed that they have no choice to cancel holidays to the likes of Benidorm.

Whilst flights remain active with the budget airlines, potential visitors to Spain’s Benidorm are now struggling to find covering holiday insurance as well as can’t afford to enter quarantine on their return.

The results could be that Benidorm that has already missed out on the majority of the holiday peak season will be baron from holidaymakers who local ex-pat business owners depend on.

This has brought fury in the town to local ex-pat traders who say the town is one of the safest towns in Europe and poses no danger in the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

Bar owner Kevin Davies, originally from Pontypridd in Wales, this morning told of his outrage on the new regulations and how he thinks Benidorm is perfectly safe as he slammed UK politicians:

” What on earth are they thinking? they have given no thought to either ex-pats living here in Benidorm trying to earn a living or holiday makers who after a lockdown deserve a getaway holiday”

“The harsh facts are that Benidorm is one if not the safest town in Europe, just look at the statistics, we have a population of 60,603 people, out of that population, we have one confirmed case, one suspected case, confirmed deaths standing at zero”

“How much safer can you get than that?” he stormed

” Didn’t those prats in the government study the bloody figures- of course, they never, they couldn’t have, but in reality, they don’t give a toss about ruining peoples lives”

” Yes there’s a bit of a second outbreak up by Barcelona, it’s hundreds of miles away – no different from Leicester having a second wave compared to London, but they go and tar the whole of Spain with the same brush?”

” Where’s the common sense hey? – you can safely get on a plane in the UK, travel safely to Benidorm where we have a fantastic Coronavirus free record better than any other town either in the UK or Spain and return home safe! – but what do they do put restrictions on everyone instead of what would have been common sense to just stop going to regions like Barcelona where there is a higher risk factor”

” Whilst we live here, we are still British and there has been no thought at all to the one million Brit’s who live in Spain, none at all, this could cripple all of us who operate businesses here, it could be the kiss of death” Davies stormed.

Mick Duke another ex-pat from Weston Super Mare, Somerset and now living for the last 13 years in the old town of Benidorm, was just as furious as he said:

“Look at the figures, Benidorm is the safest town in the whole of Europe because everyone here has pulled together to ensure safety at all times, we knew we had to protect our livelihoods and now the British government screw us over big time as well as screwing over holidaymakers who will no doubt lose thousands and thousands of pounds combined”

“If people don’t travel, we don’t make any money, holiday companies won’t refund them either if they cancel on their own accord, its a bloody farce and a typical British government cock-up, how on earth can you put restrictions on the safest town in Europe?”

Feelings this morning are running very high in Benidorm and look to continue, as the town now heads towards a very bleak couple of months as holidaymakers pull out in their thousands.


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