Woman warns on incest as her husband divorced her to marry their daughter before committing three counts of murder and killing himself

A woman is appealing to the public to beware of incest in families after her own husband divorced her to marry their daughter before slaying the family

Still trying to make sense of it all Alyssa Pladl says.”I’m grieving. I’m sad. I’m upset, But I also want to have something good come out of this. If it’s to get the truth out there, to open people’s eyes to incest.”

Alyssa met her husband to be, Steven Pladl on the internet in 1995 when she was just 15 years old by the time of 1998 she fell pregnant and the couple had a child after Alyssa gave birth to a baby girl they called  Denise.

Alyssa holding photo of baby Denise

Soon after birth, by now her husband, Steven Pladl, became abusive to their child as he caused Denise severe bruising by pinching her hard, leaving the baby badly bruised.

Eventually, the mother struggling to make ends meet as the couple were poor, and with the added fact her husband was harming the child decided to put the child up for adoption.

Denise was legally adopted by Anthony and Kelly Fuso and taken to their home in Dutchess County, New York where they renamed the baby to Katie Fuso and resided as a happy family and were doting parents to their adopted child.

Alyssa and Steven remained married despite everything and went onto to have 2 further daughters, with the first child being born 10 years after the birth of Denise(Katie).

Although, as many adopted children do, Katie became intrigued about her biological parents and when she turned to the legal age of 18, she decided to track them down. Katie eventually found them on Facebook and contacted her birth mother and they agreed to meet.

Shortly after the first reunited meeting, Katie moved in with her birth parents and her natural sisters in Henrico County, Virginia.

When she moved in, she soon discovered all was not well with her parent’s marriage and that they had been sleeping in separate bedrooms for 5 months.

As the daughter moved back into the families home, Father Steven’s behaviour totally changed according to wife Alyssa who said:

“He began wearing skinny jeans and form-fitting shirts. He shaved his beard and let his hair grow long.”

Seven weeks after daughter Katie moved back into the family home, Alysa discovered her husband steven had reverted to sleeping on the bedroom floor of daughter Katie and when she challenged him about the peculiar behaviour was told: ” it was none of her business” before the husband and daughter stormed out of the house.

Alyssa decided to move out of the home and agreed to share custody of the other two children with her estranged husband.

Alyssa had a suspicion about a relationship forming between her husband and daughter but had no idea how far it had gone until in May 2017, she read her 11-year-old daughters diary which revealed that her husband was having a sexual relationship with her daughter and that her other two daughters were told to regard Katie as their stepmother, whilst the diary also revealed Kate was pregnant by her own father.

The distraught mother called the police and reported the crime of incest, whilst police officers held interviews with all the family members, no charges were made or came forward.

Fearing nothing now, Steven got his divorce finalised from Alyssa and just two months later went to Maryland to marry his own daughter, lieing on the marriage registration forms, stating they were unrelated.

Steven marries his daughter Katie

Incredibly, the wedding was packed with guests including both Steven’s parents and the Fuso family who had adopted Katie in the first place.

Shortly after the wedding, Katie gave birth to a baby boy to which her father and husband and herself named Bennett.

Katie with her father’s child who they named Bennett.

Although happiness didn’t last long as the police had continued to investigate unknown to the family and the pair were arrested on incest charges 5 months after the baby was born.

The couple after being charged were released on bail with the conditions ordered to have no contact with one another.

Katie moved back with her adoptive parents in New York and Steven’s mother was granted custody to their son, Bennett.

After talking sense to their adopted daughter, the Fuso family convinced Katie to end the relationship, expressing how wrong it was but Katie went one step further and broke the bail order and contacted her father and child’s father Steven to inform him that the relationship was over.

Steven flew into a rage upon hearing the relationship was over, drove to his mother’s house and stole his and Katies child, taking him to his own home before he suffocated him and stashed his body in a wardrobe.

Although Steven’s mother had called the police, Steven was already on his way to New York from North Carolina, as he knew she was leaving New York to live with her adoptive grandmother, Steven staked outside the house, and as Mr Fuso and Katie departed he followed them until they reached a stop road traffic sign, got out of the car and blasted them to death with a shotgun before opening his mouth and pulling the trigger on himself.

Murder Scene
The mother Alyssa now wants everyone to know her story worldwide in an attempt to stop anything like this again, she lives with deep regrets but warns it can happen to anyone especially in regards to adoption.
A family member told Global247news today: ” It’s a horrific crime, Alyssa knows she made mistakes, the biggest not leaving her husband when he was abusing their first child, all she wants now is to protect other families going through what she has.”
An officer working on the case said: “we may never understand the mindset or motives of Steven Pladl, but we do know his actions have shattered the lives of countless people.”


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