People in Spain asked to wear masks at home as country starts to suffer 'devastating' second wave of coronavirus

Spain may be experiencing a second wave of coronavirus, a government expert has suggested.

Maria Jose Sierra, a government virus expert, warned: “In two weeks, we have tripled our rate of contagion.”

She said: “We could be seeing a second wave, but we have to see what happens in the coming weeks.”

Her comments come as reported 971 new infections on Thursday in a single day.

It is feared that the country is already in a second wave, as Spain loosened it’s restrictions around social distancing and moved the country into phases 3 and 4 within the last month.

Now more restrictions are being put in place to counter.

Some regions have been put into localized lockdowns in a bid to curtail the pandemic and individual towns and cities are making citizens in mask up.

Madrid authorities have even asked their citizens to mask up whilst at home when with people who don’t live there.

And in Mijas, boardwalks are being closed to stop people clambering together such as skateboarders because of not wearing masks.

Foreign countries have also urged their citizens not to travel.

Norway has returned people to and from Spain to go back into a 14 day quarantine and the UK says it may do the same despite keeping the country on it’s official ‘green list’.

This has led to thousands of people cancelling their holidays and asking for refunds.

Tourism makes up 12% of the GDP in Spain, which has already been devastated by the coronavirus like much of the world.

Spanish epidemiologist Juan Jose Badiola said he could not rule out a national return to the draconian state of emergency lockdown, when people were ordered to stay indoors unless it was essential such as going to buy food or go to the doctor’s.

He told Spanish reporters this Saturday: ‘I would like to think we don’t have to go back to that but I can’t rule it out completely because the rate of new infections is becoming very worrying.’


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