Watch as Massive crowds at Niagara Falls spark health fears

A video on YouTube shows the total lack of disregard for social distancing and the wearing of face masks at the Niagara Falls attraction.

Jim Diodat, Mayor of Niagara Falls said in a statement yesterday morning that “There are 40,000 people in the region that rely on tourism for a living so it’s important to find a balance between allowing people to visit and maintaining a safe environment. Last Saturday was the busiest night here since the beginning of the pandemic. Together we’re trying to figure out the best way to go about this, where we can actually earn a living and do it in a safe way. That’s what our ultimate goal is. We will immediately implement a plan to maintain proper health protocols for tourists. We want this to be safe to play and the plan will be more about encouraging compliance with municipal laws over seeking convictions and issuing fines. Local employees, dressed in yellow shirts and hats, will approach groups of people not distancing and provide friendly reminders about safety measures.” he also stated that “I am certain that Niagara Falls will implement a mandatory masks bylaw at a council meeting scheduled for tonight. Some people refuse to follow protocols and we’re going to encourage these people to follow the protocol”

A local resident posted videos of people on Clifton Hill Saturday evening saying “It’s really bad down here, a lot of people just seem to not even care.”

He said only about 10 per cent of people appeared to wear a mask, despite physical distancing being a challenge.


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