DEATH ROW Coronavirus wipe out at San Quentin jail as 8th death row prisoner dies

San Quentin’s death row is being wiped out by Coronavirus with 8 death row prisoners dead so far before reaching execution

The eighth death row prisoner in San Quentin’s notorious jail died on Tuesday from COVID-19, as John Beames aged 67 met his maker due to the deadly virus.

Beames who was on death row for torturing and murdering a 15-month-old girl became the latest to escape execution as the virus ravages the Californian jail.

Killer Beames

So far the total death count of prisoners due to COVID stands at 15 with eight of them from death row at the jail.

Whilst the virus is saving the state thousands of bucks in legal fees, as well as execution costs, law abiding citizens of the Californian state, are not pleased the virus, is doing the job of killing off convicted felons.

” It’s taking away that last fear of death on death row for the convicts, and that’s what they are there for, to be executed in front of witnesses and surviving family members, If my daughter had been murdered at 15 months old after being tortured I would want to see the bastard die, this is an easy way out for them,” said Scott Kahn.

The prison is experiencing the worst prison outbreak in California as almost two-thirds of convicted prisoners have been infected at some point during the pandemic.

The latest death of Beames has brought suspicion that death row convicts are wishing to catch the virus on purpose, rather than face a state execution.

Chuck Wallace from Monterey said: “I bet they are trying to catch it to die, avoiding execution, either way, they will go to hell for their crimes.”

San Quentin Death Row


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