Brits celebrate arrival to Spain's Benidorm for holiday with COVID-19 tattoos

Brit’s arriving in Spain’s Benidorm for their summer holidays are celebrating arrival by having Benidorm COVID-19 tattoos

The British tradition of arriving on holiday, having a few beers in the sun and ending up with a tattoo you may well regret took a new turning this week as some new arriving holidaymakers are taking to Covid-19 tattoos.

A local tattooist in Benidorm told Global247news has been astonished by the latest requests, Lewis Walker, says it’s become the latest craze, he said:

” I’ve had some strange requests in my time, but these beat the lot, I’m doing at least 3 a day, the numbers are rising too, people see others new works of art and then they want one, well it certainly is a year to remember I guess, no other year will be the same as this one in Benidorm that’s for sure”

After a harsh State of Emergency and a total lockdown, many holidaymakers thought Benidorm would be out of action this year but after beating off the Coronavirus pandemic – Benidorm whilst having regulations in place is re-open for business delighting Benidorms regular holidaymakers, although not everyone has the same feeling as to go for a COVID-19 tattoo.

Stephen Highfield from Weymouth Dorset said: “Hey it’s great to finally get here but I don’t think I will be having a COVID-19 tattoo but I did chuckle when I saw them, quite a few of had them done by the looks, it’s mainly young lads just having a laugh after a few drinks, I guess it will be something to explain to their grandchildren.” he laughed.

The latest ” Stamp Mark” doing the rounds in Benidorm

Although some local ex-pat residents are not seeing the funny side, Maggie Wilson who has lived in Benidorm for 13 years, feels its a lack of taste and a poor reflection on her town, she said: ” The pandemic was a serious issue, many thousands died, these tattoos are not funny, it brings shame on a town that dealt with the pandemic so well ensuring holidaymakers could return this year, maybe they should get a Spanish flag tattooed on their arse with “Well done Benidorm 2020″ at least it would be praising the region”

In the main though, people are seeing the funny side, like Linda Aitken from Cardiff who laughed:

“It beats the kiss me quick hat and waking up with last nights conquest in a love heart on your arm”

“It’s funny seeing them around the town and more and more are appearing daily, it’s just lads having fun.” she finished.

Temps soaring in Benidorm

With temperatures soaring and low-cost beer flowing in Benidorm as the town gets back on its feet – no doubt more of the tattoos will appear overnight as the craze latches on.


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