Brit attack Spaniards for being told to put face masks on whilst on Spain's Costa del Sol

A British man is being sought on Spain’s Costa del Sol after he spat at a Spanish couple who told him to put a face mask on

The incident took place in Malaga City as two British tourists started spitting from behind on a Spanish couple.

When the Spanish man turned to confront the perpetrators to the vile offense, and told them to put a face mask on, the British man threatened to “punch his lights out” and called the Spaniards partner a “whore”.

The threatened couple called the police, who told them to keep an eye on the whereabouts until they arrived, but the Brit’s legged it down an alley way after shouting “Call who you want, we don’t care”

As well as informing the police and filing a report, the couple also contacted the Spanish press telling them of the unsavory incident.

“We realised they had been spitting at us from behind, but we thought it was to the floor, it was only afterwards that we discovered our backs were covered in spit, it was disgusting enough without the threat of COVID-19″

They further went on to say ” It makes us proud that locals are wearing face masks despite the heat but unfortunately tourists don’t seem too”

Eye witnesses have told the local police in Malaga, the perpetrators spoke with a Birmingham accent although were of Asian origin.

The Police are now reported to be making a full investigation as they check CCTV coverage of the built up area.

The incident has also left British expats in disgust who live on the Costa del Sol, William Browne, commented this morning as he read about the article in the Dario Sur Spanish newspaper ” It’s always the tourists in the headlines giving us British expats a bad name, lets hope they are caught and have the book thrown at them- in fact they should be deported”

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