American students struggle to enter Canada for studies

American parents are furious as they attempt to coerce the federal Government to relax entry rules for their children that want to study in Canada.

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Currently only students with existing permits will be allowed to enter Canada. Students that applied after March 18th will NOT be allowed to enter says Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Anna Marti, of New York, whose daughter was due to start her post-secondary career in September at McGill University in Montreal said  “The way things are right now, the only ones that are not able to come into Canada are the freshmen, and that makes no sense to anyone.”

Many students who received an offer of acceptance from Canadian schools simply did not have time to register before the deadline and are now excluded from entry in Canada,

With experts forecasting over 200,000 fatalities in the USA by November due to a premature relaxation of lockdown and a mixed approach to social distancing, Canada in comparison has had just 8,870 fatalities reported so far.

Canada’s immigration department stated late last week.“There are no measures in place to provide for expedited processing of study permit applications. Foreign nationals who had a study permit application approved after March 18, 2020 may not be exempt from the travel restrictions and they should not make any plans to travel to Canada until the travel restrictions are lifted, as they will not be allowed to travel to or enter Canada.

An online petition has been launched in an attempt to make Ottawa to reconsider the ruling. The ruling affects all American residents equally, where as many students live in less affected areas of the States as opposed to coronavirus hotspots.

Marco Mendicino, Canada’s Immigration Minister  announced last week “the government would prioritize study permits for students who have submitted a complete application online. Students will also be able to apply time spent studying online toward their eligibility for a work permit in Canada, provided at least 50 per cent of the program is completed in Canada.”

Our government knows that international students bring tremendous economic, cultural and social benefits to Canada

Kevin Lemkay, spokesman for Mendicino stated “Ottawa has introduced more flexibility for students, including priority processing and a two-stage process for students who are unable to obtain all the necessary documentation. Our government knows that international students bring tremendous economic, cultural and social benefits to Canada. We understand that students and post-secondary institutions were eager for certainty, and these measures were taken with that in mind. We hope to have more to say soon.”

You can join the petition, which currently has over 3,000 signatures at

Many of the staff at the McGill campus have aired concerns about coming into contact with foreign student from America, saying a large amount of the course work can now be safely completed online.

“All international students entering Canada are required to quarantine for 14 days and are subject to monitoring, verification and enforcement by public health authorities. Individual accommodations will be available for any student needing to self-isolate.”

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