Private School enrolment time on Spain's Costa del Sol as they prepare for safe returning normality

Spain’s private schools on the Costa del Sol prepare for normality again after the pandemic

With schools out of action and away from normality since the State Of Emergency and lockdown, private schools are now back to preparing for the new normal.

The schools want to get back to offering a normal education for children, who despite online tuition during the crisis, missed the normality of classroom life.

End of July and the start of August is the start of enrollment time for private schools, who rely on fees from wealthy parents who desire a better than state education and extra safety for their children.

Many private schools came under the cosh from parents during the lockdown period, as fees were still requested, and now look to a brighter future getting back to shape.

Of course, not everybody can afford private education for their son or daughter, and with a possible pending financial crisis on Spain’s Costa del Sol, many may have to pull their children from private education and return to state education.

One of those schools on the Costa del Sol that claims its in the top 6 of schools in Andalusia and in the top 30 in overall Spain is called the Laude San Pedro International School, who are now requesting parents to enrol now for next school term.

Although understanding that social distancing is still in place, the school are inviting potential parents to:

Get to know us onlineYou can fill the enrollment process from home. Do not miss your place!”

According to sources at the school, the uptake of parents applications has been higher than ever, as parents deem private schools to be far safer for the future in the “new normal” despite the costly fees.

One parent who didn’t wish to be named, for the sake of their child, told Global247news, how he thought his son would be far safer at the private school than a state school as the new normal begins:

” We have enrolled our son, it’s not cheap, but just about affordable but as well as the education, my wife and I thought it would be far safer, the school takes all precautions in all departments putting the safety aspects first”

It’s certainly on the minds of parents right now it appears, as enrollment commences on the Costa del Sol.


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