Pontyclun Boy Racers In South Wales Tell Noise Complainers "Move House If You Don't Like It"

Pontyclun boy racer fraternity tell those who complain about the noise to move house if they don’t like it

Pontyclun in South Wales, a town 20 minutes from the capital Cardiff, in recent times has been suffering from gangs of boy racers in souped-up cars tearing around its streets and car parks.

Although now the boy racers have come out fighting in regards to criticism of noise levels and fears of speed.

Fed-up resident, Mr Brandon Llewellyn, took to social media to express his feelings as the respected man in his community said:

“Hi, I live in Coed Cae Lane. Am having lots of cars coming here doing very high speeds and very loud exhausts, anyone else got this problem. I have done 101 a lot of times but no police have come to investigate. Times differ Weekends seem to be busier. ?”

Local resident, Lisa Rickards soon replied: “Yep I can hear them at this very moment in time, big problem.”

Whilst another resident living on the same lane, known as Coed -Cae-Lane expressed what she often saw and witnessed:

“Yes, I live on the same lane by the pub. A guy going on his motorbike with sometimes no helmet. He has kids also going on motorbikes.”

Pontyclun for several years now has had problems with the boy racers especially since the local supermarket Tesco, in neighbouring town Talbot Green, placed barriers denying the gangs a meeting place and open space to tear around in their cars.

Whilst residents regularly contact the police it appears the South Wales Police do very little in way of taking action, which was demonstrated by Marlene Lamerton’s comments: “It is ridiculous the speed they go take no notice of speed restriction there should be average speed cameras between Llanharry and Brynsadler when they get past the last speed sign they seem to want to make up for the lost time. Council and Police not interested.”

With what appears both the South Wales Police and the local council showing no interest in solving the problem, the boy racers advice was if the residents don’t like it – they should move!

Jamie Turner, from Beddau, feels that anyone who doesn’t like racing sounds and noise late at night should go through the expense of selling up (no doubt to someone who loves noise?) and purchase a new home where boy racers are not in operation.

He replied to the complainant simply: “Best suggestion would be to move house” Whilst Alan Winterburn again thought the same to the solution: “Move if u not happy” was his unintelligent reply.

Boy Racer Wayde Evans

Fellow boy racer, Wayde Evans, often seen on the streets of the town in his souped-up car though feels that speed bumps are not the answer and claims they actually create the noise as he claims:

” Speedbumps make loud cars louder.. if they could just stick to 30 or even 40 the engine not would stay the same and would be gone in no time. people with loud exhausts tend to be lowered as well-meaning they near enough have to come to a stop to get over the speedbumps without causing damage.. meaning they have to accelerate back up and stop accelerate and stop. perhaps if you didn’t agree to speedbumps being put there you wouldn’t have this issue”

Global247news sent a reporter out to “Boy Racer Town” Pontyclun too see if the same opinions shared on Facebook are as realistic on the town’s streets.

William Danforth, stood outside the local supermarket, on the towns high street and said:

“They are a bloody nuisance and just louts in cars, you can’t get to sleep at night because of them, what is society coming to with these scruffy yobo’s plaguing the roads day and night, the South Wales Police need to up their game and get this under control”

“They need to bloody grow up and think of others, they are a disgrace to the area, fancy telling people they should move house if they don’t like it, clearly they have no standards, ignorant and thick as pig shit, a good dose of national service is what they bloody need” ranted Derek Hughes aged 82.

” Who on earth do they think they are telling people to move house, if they want to race round in their silly-looking cars, they should move to a race track, they claim they are doing nothing wrong, well that’s rubbish, I see dangerous driving every day as they think they are good race drivers, they aren’t at all, one of them overtook going up the high street and nearly knocked over a young girl pushing a pram – up there by the train station!” said Pauline Lewis as she pointed up the street.

It’s clear Pontyclun has a big issue with boy racers but both the police and council are devoid of answers on how to solve the solution although the racers clearly feel the answer is just to “sell up”




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