Home Alone? kids in France Jump 33 feet From Inferno As Gathered Crowd Catch Them Below

Police in France are currently investigating a case of 2 young brothers who had to jump 33 ft to an awaiting crowd below following  an apartment block fire in Grenoble

A 10-year-old boy led his toddler brother to safety by jumping 33 feet to an awaiting crowd below in dramatic scenes in Grenoble France.

Both boys escaped the raging inferno as it ripped through their apartment block and escaped uninjured as they took the defying leap to safety.

As black smoke billowed through their apartment block, a crowd seeing the young boys at the window edge shouted “jump jump” as they gathered together to ensure a safety catch.

A child drops 33 feet to awaiting crowd below

In total 17 residents escaped the raging inferno, from different residential apartments and according to local reports in France, police are investigating claims that the two boys had been left home alone with no supervision.

Jaques Patrice, a resident of the town told Global247news of the local suspicion, he said:

“There didn’t seem to be any parents around after they jumped, the talk in the town is that the two boys were on their own when the fire broke out – we’ve heard the police here are now investigating this, they were very lucky to survive, the crowd saved their little lives, I am hoping the rumours circulating are not true”

The two boys, aged just three and 10 years old jumped separately after the 10-year-old first held his sibling and released him to the crowd before taking the plunge himself, both were unscathed whilst medial staff treated the “catchers” for muscle pulls afterwards.

The investigation continues.


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