Ghislaine Maxwell breaking news: Judge orders her sealed 'extremely personal and confidential' documents to be OPENED

Judge Loretta Preska in Manhattan ruled on Thursday to unseal more than 80 documents that Ghislaine Maxwell had wanted to keep under wraps.

Judge Preska said that 80 documents – which will run to hundreds of pages – should be made public within a week.

The documents will include depositions from Ghislaine Maxwell, which could explain her alleged role in Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

The documents will also include communications between Maxwell and Epstein from January 2015 when Virginia Roberts made explosive allegations about them in court papers.

Roberts said that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew when she was just 17 even though the Royal denies this.

Maxwell’s lawyers objected, with one saying they had “grave concerns about our client’s ability to seek and receive an impartial and fair trial and jury due to the intense media scrutiny around anything that is unsealed.”

Her lawyers are also worried about the contents saying they are ‘extremely personal, confidential.’

However, during the hearing at Manhattan’s federal court, Judge Preska said Maxwell’s right to privacy was outweighed by the need for the documents to become public.

She went through the dozens of documents, which included Giuffre’s depositions and various dull-sounding legal papers.

Preska gave Maxwell’s attorneys one week to appeal the decision, but ordered the documents to be prepared for release in the meantime.

Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger said: ‘There have been some significant changes with respect to my client’s positions and perhaps known to everyone listening to this, while we were speaking about a potential ongoing criminal investigation (before), since that time Miss Maxwell has been indicted and a trial has been scheduled.

‘Now we are in a vastly different position and have grave concerns about our clients ability to receive a fair trial given the intense media scrutiny around anything that is unsealed’.


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