Breaking: Town in Spain forced back into lockdown after 55 people test positive for Covid after late-night music event last night

The municipality of Totana in Murcia was forced to go back into quarantine after the people tested positive for coronavirus.

Roadblocks have now been set up all around Totana holding a population of 30,850, with trains from Alicante and Murcia being barred from entering.

The area has had to return to phase 1 which is basically home detention, something which has been seen across numerous parts of Spain over the last few weeks.

Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas prohibited movement in and out of the town, all day centres will be closed and visits to care homes will be restricted, while the health centres will also be closed, except for care related to the pandemic.

Cases in Murcia and nearby Andalusia have surged in recent weeks as lockdown was lifted and people mix together without masks.


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