Watch as Tsunami warning blares in Alaska after 7.8 earthquake hits the country

The US Tsunami Warning System said tsunami activity was predicted to hit within the next hour at points along the Alaskan coast after a earthquake erupted across the north west coast of America.

The quake, whose focus was at a depth of 10 km (six miles), prompted the US National Tsunami Warning Center to issue a tsunami warning for the region – with many residents on social media posting videos of alert sirens ringing out in their areas.

The earthquake was centered 60 miles, or 98 kilometers, south-southeast, of Perryville, Alaska, according to the US Geological Survey.

“Anything below 70 kilometers is considered a shallow quake,” meteorologist Allison Chinchar previously said.

“That’s important, because shallow earthquakes often cause the most damage, compared to the ones that are deeper, regardless of the strength.”

Authorities had thought the tsunami could hit in the early hours of this morning US time along towns in south-west Alaska across hundreds of miles of coastline.

However, this has now been downgraded and there is no longer a tsunami threat from this earthquake.

The west coast of America is notorious for earthquakes as the Pacific Plate default line runs right along the American coast and has caused devastation in the past.

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