Spain's on the brink of being declared UNSAFE by British government as expat business owners fear being wiped out

Spain is on the brink of being declared unsafe by the British government as Coronavirus figures spike

As coronavirus figures once again double in Spain, with 4,581 new infections recorded on the weekend, Spain according to the British tabloids is on the brink of being declared unsafe.

This could see, Brits on holiday currently in Spain being forced into quarantine on their return. Spain is currently one of the 59 countries deemed safe by the government in the UK but that could soon be set to change.

Whitehall sources have revealed to the Sun newspaper in the UK, that Spain is under scrutiny as the situation is being watched closely hour by hour, and the decision to wield the axe and remove Spain from the “safe list” which would see all holidaymakers have to fulfil 14 days quarantine on return to British shores.

According to the Sun’s Whitehall sources, the decision is likely to be as close as the end of this week, and the thought of the decision has sent shudders through the spines of ex-pat business owners based in Spain who fear going bust.

As already reported by Global247news ex-pat business owners are already locking up and running back to Britain as their businesses fail, but those sitting tight now fear the worst, if the British lawmakers wield the axe on Spain, declaring it unsafe.

A local bar owner in Spain’s Fuengirola spoke to Global247news this morning stating his fears after reading the Sun newspaper article:

“If this is correct, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all, then all bars and restaurants are certainly doomed who rely on the British business, we too are all on the brink, we have had no business all year and now as the holidaymakers finally start to return as the hotels open up, this happens, so many bar owners especially have shut up and returned home, this will only increase I feel, this could be the tip of the iceberg of financial ruin for many”

Gary Adamson originally from Taunton operates a bar resale operation in Spain known as Bars Abroad along the Costa del Sol and he told Global247news this morning of the fright of many:

“This is seriously bad news for everyone involved this takes place, it could cripple ex-pat businesses, even those established for many years, the biggest issue is bar owners have just taken back staff, these staff have been on the Erte, Spain’s equivalent of being furloughed, once you have taken back on staff here, you have to employ them for a minimum 6 months afterwards and you can’t place them back on the Erte, with no British tourists and larger staffing costs, it only spells one thing”

“At present, those bars owners that haven’t just “shut up and run” are holding out for resales although market prices are tumbling fast, offers are being accepted way under asking prices, although for us we are busy as its now a buyers market for speculators looking at 2021 and beyond.”

Unfortunately due to the news released by the British media, travel agents are seeing a huge spike in Spanish cancellations, causing thousands of holidays to be cancelled as well.

“The issue is that now Brits are cancelling holidays to Spain, holiday companies are cancelling flights and holidays on the back of it, thousands of holidays to Spain are being cancelled each day by both the planned holidaymakers as well as the holiday companies – if the government go ahead with listing Spain unsafe, the Spanish holiday market will collapse totally, nobody will travel to a deemed unsafe country as well as face 14-day quarantine on return,” said travel agent Rian Rodber.

Local ex-pat residents in Spain though have their own thoughts, Stephanie Bootle from Torreblanca on the Costa del Sol said:

“This was always going to happen, everyone here has said the same, you start moving people around and you will see second spikes, once the movement of people from the likes of Madrid took place, as they come to the coast for their holidays, they bring infection with them”

Andy Wallace said: “It should be the other way round, Britain is not safe, Spain handled the pandemic well, far better than Britain, it’s probably the Brits bringing the virus, borders should have been closed until New Year, the only reason they were not is money”

Expat business owners now wait on tenterhooks for the final decision from Whitehall.


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