Spain's Andalucia region to hand out free masks - See if you're eligible

The Junta government have confirmed they are to hand out free masks to the elderly and pensioners.

It comes in a bid to protect the more frail and elderly from the disease.

Those over the age of 80 can go into local pharmacies across the whole region and ask for masks free of charge.

Those over the age of 65 who are pensioners or who suffer from a physical ailment that may be exasperated by the coronavirus can also receive masks for free.

The government of Andalucia hope to hand out around 2.5 million masks in a bid to cut costs for pensioners and to promote the usage of them as masks are mandatory across the region in many places.

Government spokesman, Elias Bendodo, said ‘We must get used to it, the masks must become one more part of our daily clothing, because it saves lives, our health system and our economy since neither Andalucia nor Spain nor Europe can resist a new quarantine.’



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