"SHOW us the MONEY Salon Varietés Theatre" say expat residents on Spain's Costa del Sol

Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol are demanding that refunds are distributed by the Salon Varietés Theatre as they hold around 30,000 euros in no show sales

Theatre-goers across the Costa del Sol, as well as those sat in the UK, are demanding to know what has happened to their money, after failing to obtain refunds for cancelled shows.

The ex-pat Salon Vartietés Theatre, situated in the middle of Fuengirola, due to the pandemic had to cancel a series of shows at the start of the year, but according to ticket purchasers, no refunds have been distributed and the website is not operational, as well as no responses from the ticket office phone lines.

Theatre-goers have been contacting  Global247news, as it’s reported that the board of the theatre are holding back in excess of 30,000 euros for shows they could not perform and refunds are impossible to obtain as the venue remains closed.

Danny Wallace told of his partner’s predicament:

“My partner booked 6 tickets for the Evita show online, it was supposed to be performed in March for ten nights, naturally due to the pandemic the theatre had to close and the performances were cancelled, fair enough, but you just can’t get a refund on your tickets whilst the board of the theatre hold onto the funds, the website is totally un operational and there is no system for a refund and if you call the ticket office there is no answer at all. I have tried over 60 times to no avail – show us the money!”

” I’ve tried to get a refund but had no luck,” said Heather Brown as he asked us to investigate what is taking place with refunds, “I’ve spoken to some other regular theatre-goers here and they are saying the same, they can’t get refunds either and they have been told by performers that the board of the establishment are holding in excess of 30 grand, I do think the board need to address this situation and quickly, you can’t just hold onto to peoples money like this willy nilly”

” The word amongst many regulars is that they are going to reschedule the dates eventually, although no dates have been confirmed at all, and let’s face the facts, they will not be able to fill all the sold seats anyway due to Coronavirus distancing measures, the Board of the Salon need to take responsibility of this shambles, just going “hush” is not an option and it’s probably illegal” Heather exclaimed.

Jimmy Danfo came up with a further point in regards to rescheduling: “My partner Nicola bought 3 sets of 2 tickets for Evita, she was going to sit next to different friends on different nights, it’s her favourite show, rescheduling is no good to us, we live in Brighton, we booked the tickets as at the time we planned to be in Fuengirola, she has had no response at all, the website is awful and not working and if you call you get no answer at all, nobody is taking responsibility, hey I don’t want to have a pop at those who run it but they need to face up to the situation of refunding people for the cancelled performances, they were amazing I have to say during lockdown arranging live streaming as their performers sang via Facebook but responsibility is now required and quickly – we can’t reschedule and we want our money back”

“Where’s the money gone? where’s the money gone!”

Global called the theatre on behalf of its complaining readers, but to no avail, just as the readers requiring refunds advised.

Although we did speak to one regular performer who didn’t wish to be named in fear of reprisals, she revealed:

“I don’t think they actually know what they are doing, or what they are going to do, all I know is they have not refunded anyone, to be honest, I’m fed up to the back teeth of being asked by regulars goers, I just have to say I know the same as you, the problem though is as well as the dates if they are going to reschedule, they will have to recast too, all performers do it normally on a voluntary basis but after being out of work for so long, they need to get back to paid work, most of the leading roles will be unavailable”

“One regular told me it was easier to get a refund from Ryanair, he was livid with the Board and said he was going to take the matter up legally” she finalised.

Sorry readers, Like you we got no response from the Salon box office, but we appeal to the Board to come forward with a direct statement for clarity purposes, you can contact us at admin@global247news.com if you wish to explain why you are not issuing refunds and holding peoples money in your bank account? – as Tom Davies stated to us: ” 30 grand plus makes a lot of interest” although your customers at this present time have more “interest” in a full refund in these hard financial times on the Coast.

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