Liverpool lift Premier League trophy for the first time

Liverpool have lifted the Premier League trophy for the first time after waiting 30 years to win a league title.

Jurgen Klopp’s side lifted the trophy at Anfield nearly a month after they were crowned champions.

“I really hope our fans know we mean it when we say it is for you,” Klopp said of the achievement this week.

“It is 100% for you. The best example is, we won this league before lockdown and brought it over the line after lockdown.

“That should show everyone that, together, we can do anything. If we really stick together then we can do anything and that is exactly what happened in the last three years, maybe since I’ve been in actually.”

The Reds defeated Chelsea 5-3 at Anfield in a dramatic game.

Celebrations were already erupting outside of the stadium as fans set off red fireworks.

Liverpool legend Sir Kenny Dalglish was at the stadium to present the trophy to the side’s captain Jordan Henderson.

The Reds are one of the most successful teams in English football history having won 19 top-flight titles.

However their success this season marks the first time they have won the Premier League since it was founded in 1992.

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