Hella Mewis Photo Credit DW

Hella Mewis a German art curator and Rights Activist has been kidnapped in Iraq in the latest of a series of abductions of anti-government activists.

Ms Mewis oversees an arts program at the Iraqi art collective Tarkib.

Ali al-Bayati, a member of the semi-official Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights confirmed Mewis’ kidnapping to news agency DPA.

“Mewis had left her office and was riding her bicycle when two cars, one of them a white pickup truck used by some security forces, were seen kidnapping her”

A friend of Ms Mewis, Dhikra Sarsam posted on social media “that police officers witnessed the kidnapping but did not intervene. Hella expected to be kidnapped because we all expect this fate”

After the recent killing of Hisham al-Hashemi, a government advisor who supported anti government protests, tensions have been high in the area.

Sarsam said “I spoke to her last week and she was really involved in the protests too, so she was nervous after the assassination”

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