Dramatica Life Saving Rescue by Three Lookey Lookey Men on Marbella Beach

Police and local residents have praised the efforts by three “lookey lookey” men who rushed into the sea at Playa Venus in Marbella to save a drowning girl.

Applause rang out from the anxious crowd as they looked on as the street traders bought the girl back to shore to safety, emergency services quickly took the child, who was by now shivering and crying, to the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella for observation.

Dramatica Life Saving Rescue by Three Lookey Lookey Men on Marbella Beach
The “lookey lookey” men just happened to be passing when they noticed the little girl was struggling to keep afloat. image: Flicker

One local British Expat described the dramatic event:

“Me and the missus were just having a cold drink in a bar just off the beach when we heard screaming, not really loud, but we could hear it and so could others. Sharon, my wife, pointed to some arms sticking out of the water that disappeared for a minute then came back up. Panic set in- I knew something was up! I ran as fast as I could to the water’s edge to see more clearly. That’s when suddenly the three men pushed past me and dashed into the water, throwing off their goods and swimming toward what we now know what a little girl.”

Sharon continued: “They were amazing! it must have been 40 degrees today but they leapt into that water, threw all the stuff away, and saved her, just marvellous. The whole thing has changed my attitude towards them and in future ill be buying more stuff from them,”.

According to witnesses, the Police questioned the trio, there seemed to be a problem with their paperwork but the officer waved them, quite rightly!

As people started to disperse a few locals noticed the three men on their hands and knees picking up their goods that were strewn all over the beach. Sunglasses, trinkets, DVDs, scarves- everything was being dragged into the sea by the same strong current that almost claimed the little girl’s life.

After realising most of the men’s belongings had been taken away by the sea, locals had a whip-round and collected nearly €500!- the men were very happy to accept it, after all, they deserved it.!


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