Spain's Health Leader Fernando Simón Caught With His Board Out In Portugal as he says "I didn't think I would be recognised"

Spain’s Health leader Fernando Simón snapped surfing in Portugal going against his own advice to Spanish citizens

Days after advising citizens of Spain not to travel as coronavirus figures once again rise in Spain, health leader Simón has been snapped on camera surfboarding in neighbouring Portugal.

The 57-year-old health leader failed to follow his own advice as he was snapped by the Spanish paparazzi enjoying himself with his family at a Portuguese beach, and when rumbled was heard to say “I didn’t think I would be recognised”

The unmasked doctor is now under severe pressure to resign from his role after being captured going against his own words of advice.

Citizens across the border in Spain are furious that the countries health leader took to Portugal and appeared unmasked.

Simón who faces is daily presented to the Spanish nation, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, couldn’t have been caught in a worse position after constantly lecturing citizens of Spain.

On Spain’s Costa del Sol, residents hit out as the news broke of the health leader being caught out.

Jim Caines from Marbella told Global247news as we showed him the snapshot:

” What a f@cking hypocrite, he’s constantly on the box telling us to do this and that, and there he is surfing in Portugal? – he needs to resign straight away, why should we listen to his advice when he can’t follow his own?”

Maggie Wilson, from Fuengirola, said “Truly unbelievable – you couldn’t make this up could you? he stands there in front of his microphone shouting his advice and instructions and he’s diving over the Portuguese border doing exactly the opposite, he should be sacked today”

Social media is also awash of fury of the health leader with several hundred comments on twitter.

The Spanish nation now awaits a response from the health leader in regards to his actions.

David Parnell from La Cala said,” It’s going to be very interesting to see how he explains his way out of this one isn’t it – I don’t think he will have a good enough answer to satisfy the public, that’s for sure, I would imagine it’s going to cost him his job!”


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