Residents on Spain's Costa del Sol laugh off reports of pending KILLER earthquakes

A newspaper title on Spain’s Costa del Sol reports today that killer earthquakes could strike shortly raising big laughs across the coast

Residents along Spain’s Costa del Sol had the giggles today as the ex-pat newspaper, The Olive Press published an article warning of “killer” earthquakes on the Costa del Sol.

The coast this morning, had a small rumble as normal, of a 3 magnitude, something that takes place at least once a month in Andalucia but according to the Olive Press it was a significant shake and could lead to killer earthquakes as the headline published stated:


Local residents burst out laughing on the dramatic headline, with no fear at all of a killer earthquake, as they contacted Global247news today showing us the article.

Shaun Cousins wrote in: “Have you seen this rubbish? I’m still waiting for their reported Tsunami! … that’s still yet to arrive”

Cousins comments come from a previous Olive Press report which stated that an emergency government plan was in place in Spain.

After checking out the article seen by Mr Cousins, we took it to the streets of Fuengirola to enquire if people were concerned about “killer earthquakes”

“Please don’t make me laugh, it’s too early – there’s more chance of snow on Christmas day here and Santa riding into town eating paella, dishing out presents” Scott Murray laughed.

American Natalie Quinnel quipped ” Geez who dreamed that up, obviously, they have never been to Frisco, I guess the end is nigh then and we all better call the builders to build earthquake bunkers below our villa’s, come on who wrote this garbage? she giggled loudly.

Billy Loveridge literally spat his tea out as we told him it’s reported killer earthquakes “could” be en route, ” Well we best make the most of it then if were are going to get a big one!”  “Although I do like a shake, rattle and roll” he quipped.

Brenda Lintern, in fits of laughter, remarked as she pointed to husband Will ” You better make the earth move tonight then honey it could be the last time…. killer earthquake my A@@”

It appears the residents of Spain’s Andalucia have no fear of any killer earthquakes or Tsunami’s despite today’s headlines.

If you are in fear of a killer earthquake in Spain or feel it’s likely, feel free to contact we would like to hear from you!

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