Biden Camp Refresh Memories Of Trumps Behavior With Epstein Chicks

Joe Biden and his entourage publish to social media pictures of President Trump with Jeffrey Epstein girls

Dirty tactics have already evolved as President Trump fights for re-election as President of the USA.

Joe Biden and cohorts have already stooped low – presenting images of President Trump kissing young girls in the presence of convicted major and serial paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, across social media.

As the battle hots up, for the leadership of the White House, it’s deemed as a cheap shot but Trump supporters from Biden.

Jonny Williams from Michigan told Global247news: “Here we go again, dirty tactics against the finest President we have ever had in the US, we get a businessman instead of a politician, all hell kicks off… it’s obvious it’s propaganda!”

The image being distributed shows a young girl being kissed on the head, many years ago, by Donald Trump whilst in the company of deceased and convicted billionaire Epstein.

Trump who has clearly stated previously, that he fell out with the sexual pervert, Epstein, 10 years before he was convicted, will find it another blow to the campaign he is expected to win, although now its damage limitation as to the images surfacing once again, during the current election trail.

“People believe bulls@t man, Trumps no sicko, yea man, he’s a ladies man, what dude would not be with all his cash but this is dirty tricks from Biden, that’s all it is” finalized, Williams.


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