Germany - Police arrest suspect nicknamed 'Rambo' in Black Forest after five day hunt

Yves Rausch, 31, fled into the forest near Oppenau, in south-west Germany, on Sunday after threatening four police officers and taking their pistols.

Police had been called to a forest hut on the outskirts of Oppenau, in Baden-Württemberg after sightings of a “suspicious” figure in combat gear and carrying a bow and arrows, but were caught off guard when the man pulled a gun on them.

A crack unit of armed police were sent to hunt for him including helicopters and dogs.

However, Rausch, who spent time in jail previously for firearms offences, managed to evade capture for five days until he was caught this Friday evening.

His mother even got involved on Thursday saying that the police should ‘withdraw all their forces’ and that ‘after one or two days he’ll come out of the forest by himself.’

Rausch has now been caught in the Black Forest, and German officers seized four firearms, according to a statement.

A postal worker gave police information which helped lead to his arrest and one person was injured during the operation, Germany’s Bild daily is reporting.

Police are due to hold a press conference at 20:00 CET (19:00BST).

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