Chrissy Teigen Threatens to Leave Twitter If Company Doesn't Deal With Conspiracy Theorists Known as QAnon

Teigen, 34, says she has blocked more than 1 million people and deleted more than 60,000 tweets after becoming the subject of a bizarre conspiracy theory about the late convicted pedophile and financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Teigen has faced a barrage of “scary harassment,” she says, since, following the arrest of his longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell, some social media users alleged that Teigen once flew on Epstein’s private jet. The cookbook author says she was also accused of being a “pedophile.”

Teigen vehemently denied the allegations. “I have never even met the man,” she tweeted on July 10, referring to Epstein. “Or been to the island. Or on the plane.”

“I have block chained over one million people, ONE MILLION people today and I am still flooded with sick psychopaths. So please, spare me the ‘just ignore them, they’re just trolls,'” Teigen, 34, tweeted Tuesday.

“Anyhow I’ll do my best to stop entertaining them. They have definitely been living for this and have zeroed in on ONLY me.

“Thank u to EVERYONE for helping me, in and out of the dm’s. People I’ve never met have been so, so kind and huge thank you to [journalist Yashar Ali] especially.”

Left-wing media group ‘Blast’ backed Teigen up saying that ‘This level of targeted harassment has got to be disheartening, and it’s getting to the point that Teigen is even considering leaving Twitter completely.’

However Teigen is being blasted for the numerous tweets where she seems to support pedophilia.

In one of her tweets she talks about how ‘sexy young girls are doing the splits’ and that she should just ‘go to jail’ (in reference to her pedophilic attitude).

In another tweet – which has also been deleted among a million others – she talks about how sexy toddler’s tummies are.

‘Are they meant to be this sexy?’ she exclaimed.

And in another shocking tweet she spoke of how glad she was a young boy was now at a pageant she was watching with her saying ‘Yummy…eye candy at last.’

After her tweets were exposed, Teigen blocked them and is now shifting the blame onto a ‘conspiracy theory’ group known as Qanon.

The group are labelled as ‘far-right warriors’ who are outing the’ deep state’ – a cabal of corporations and high ranking bankers and officials who are believed to worship Satan.

Qanon are against the trafficking of women and children – just like President Trump – and want to bring about the fall of this Cabal, a war they say they are winning.

Calling themselves the red pill warriors, meaning they have taken the red pill seen in the Matrix films, and have their eyes wide open to the darkness over the world that are ‘government and corporations.’

In Teigen’s case, her anger comes as she retweeted an accusation against her and her husband, John Legend, and threatened to leave the platform if Twitter doesn’t do something about it.

When someone wrote, “Lord, please save that child from the torment and suffering it will endure under those parents. May the cycle end with him. God bless,” she immediately fired back.

‘If twitter doesn’t do something about this *actually scary* harassment, I am gonna have to go.’

Teigen has become known for stiff-arming the haters that come her way online. Recently, one of her followers accused her of either having cancer or dropping a drastic amount of weight overnight when Teigen shared a video of her skincare routine with fans.

After the user called her “unrecognizable” and stating that they had to go back and look at the video several times because it just didn’t look like Teigen, the Sports Illustrated model fired back.

“What would you prefer?” she initially responded with after the user accused her of either being sick or losing weight.

Then once they kept going, she said, “Why are you carrying on with this?? Why do you think I owe you anything especially after what you’ve said? You know you don’t actually know me in real life, right? Thank God.”

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